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About Us

Dusty Crete Design has made a name for itself on the quality of our concrete craftsmanship; our integrity toward clients; and our unparalleled customer service.

We take great pride in our reputation, and know that it is our strict commitment to the way we do business that has earned us the trust of so many.

We employ state-of-the-art techniques to achieve an ultra-dense and highly reliable concrete product.

We have learned to be uncompromising from the beginning of our materials selection through the finishing process to ensure the resulting quality of our concrete.

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Through training, experience and intuition, and using science as much as artistry, we are continuously refining our core product and innovating new alternatives for our customers.

We work closely with our customers to craft pieces that meet their aesthetic, functional and budgetary requirements, and it is our unfaltering belief that our work is improved by the vision and critique of others.

Over the years we have also fostered inspiring relationships with many associates in the arts, design, building, manufacturing and other professions, with whom we continue to dialogue and collaborate.

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Step 1

Step 1

Creating Templates

Upon receiving the first progress payment, we set up an appointment to visit the job site and create a template for the project, which gives us a model to work from back at the shop.

Photos may be taken during this step and it may take anywhere from several hours to several days, depending on the project scope.

It is important for the customer to be present or reachable by phone during templating.

Step 2

Form Building

Using the template as a guide, a form is constructed in our shop

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Step 2

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Step 3

Step 3

Pouring Concrete

The concrete batch size is accurately calculated, mixed and poured into the form where it rests for a short period.

When removed from the form the slab cures for a number of days before artistic embellishments begin.

Step 4

Grinding and Polishing

After curing, the shaping and grinding process is next- the edges are shaped, then the surface is ground to reveal the aggregate within creating the visual texture specified by the customer, then filled and densified.

To develop a consistent finish both wet and dry polishing follow up.

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Step 4

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concrete art hardening process

Step 5

Step 5

Hardening & Sealing

We only use lithium silicate technology in our sealing process, not topical coatings.

Our two-part sealing process  is applied after heating the concrete to approximately 140 degrees, opening the pores of the concrete in order to force the sealer into them.  Providing a poreless waterproof  surface.

The two sealing components chemically react with the concrete to form a bond, which seals your concrete to a natural feel and a beautiful finish to last!   The low VOC sealer is very safe, both in our manufacturing and for your home.

Step 6

Delivery & Installation

With the finished surfaces ready to be installed an appointment is scheduled. The concrete is placed with care at the customer’s site, typically by the same person who did the template, and a small crew of our craftsmen.

We’ll need clear access throughout the site, with arrangements for parking locations, an open door, and floor protection around the install location.

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A note about Curing: The first two weeks in place is the most critical time for a concrete surface to cure. This means that there is some residual moisture contained in the cast stone which will fully evaporate during this period. The reactive sealer will continue to cure for up to 3 months while the concrete becomes more dense and more impervious to liquids.  A temporary sealer will be applied to cover this cure time.

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Step 6

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