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Learn With Dusty

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Learn the Art of Concrete

Dusty teaches his signature finish, the “Dusty-Crete” technique, that he pioneered early in his career to create the best concrete pieces in the industry. Dusty-Crete is the most sought after modern rustic finish in concrete pieces today. Dusty will soon be offering in-person training at his shop in Tennessee. To learn more, contact Dusty.

What You Will Learn In This Class:

At the end of this class, you will gain the confidence to produce a high-quality finish with an expert in your corner. 


We create a unique concrete product in every class, never making the same piece twice. We’ll also discuss ways you can develop and improve your own individual and marketable style.


The equipment used to manufacture concrete is changing rapidly. Our workshops include the most cutting-edge tools in the industry and the best ones for the job.


What we use for client work today is different than what we used a year ago. We’ll cover all the materials currently available, and show you which ones produce the best performing concrete (HINT – It’s what we use).


What is paramount in your instruction is learning the technique to create quality, high-end custom concrete. No other training program offers more practical insights and real-world experience with these methods.

Business Practices

Learn proven processes for operating a successful concrete business from people actually operating successful concrete businesses.

We have mixed concrete with students from all over the world

United States


South America