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My Story

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Growing up in Tennessee, my dad is a homebuilder and contractor. I spent a lot of time helping him on his worksites and learning how to work with my hands.

I had exposure to so many elements of homebuilding and workmanship. Over time I began to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into well-designed and well-built homes.

After serving in the Marine Core during the late 90s, I began to seriously work alongside my father in his business. As time went on, I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug and really wanted to make my own way. With my dad’s support, I branched out on my own to provide contracting services to homeowners.

My focus started with laying tile for a few years. I began working in multi-million dollar Nashville homes and starting exploring the old school way of laying tile. The craftsmanship and quality that went into these concrete tile projects meant they would last and they were projects I was proud of. They were investments in a home that would last forever.

These traditional processes were replaced by quick processes and prefabricated systems that don’t stand the test of time. My clients began to look away from quality building materials and processes in favor of home decor. The beauty and art of the tile and the durability combined with concrete walls and floors were a thing of the past.

The Start of Concrete Countertops

I decided to start exploring interior design and creating art that would last inside a home.

My first exposure to concrete countertops showed me that there was so much more than meets the eye. I enrolled in a very pricey course to learn all that I could. 

That class was a complete and utter failure.  

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This industry and craft was just coming onto the scene and there were a lot of charlatans trying to capitalize on eager students.

With the support of friends and my own intuition that this was the right direction for me, I decided to just break out and do my own thing. I was going to forge my own path and learn a ton along the way.

Through trial, error, mastery and a lot of artistic creativity, I created Dusty Crete custom concrete mixing in 2007. Dusty Crete finish is a soft, subtle leathered finish. It has been perfected to be extremely durable and last. This finish complements any home interior esthetic: Can finish: modern, rustic, contemporary. etc.

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My contribution to the concrete art industry doesn’t end at creating custom pieces. I’ll never forget my experience with that concrete countertop course and what effect it had on me.

I started teaching the art of concrete design because I care greatly about this young industry and spreading this throughout the world.

Since 2007, I have built thousands of pieces. You’ll find my work throughout the homes, businesses and restaurants of Middle Tennessee. I’ve working on projects from Lake Tahoe to Hilton Head Island.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed with the most amazing clients. From Nashville celebrity designers and architects to our local community, no project is too big or too small.

I’m proud of the legacy I’m building and to be working with the good people of Middle Tennessee, bringing your visions to life and installing custom pieces in your homes.

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